Hey, if you need to ask what this episode’s title means, then you don’t need to know… Welcome to Episode 16 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast! This week, Matt and Joe throw their hats into the politcal ring and comment on the controversy surrounding Superman’s legal status. In other news, the announcement of a TV adaptation of the Spider-Man musical fiasco and last minute effects changes to the impending Green Lantern movie get ripped from the headlines. It’s the last week of the month (yes, we know that this episode isn’t being released until May 1st — shut it), which means it’s time for the return of Required Reading! In this installment, Ryan wonders if there are, aside from the usual favorites, any 80s and 90s gems that he may have overlooked.

This week, Joe and Matt team up for our first ever tag team crossover review! The entirety of DC’s Brightest Day and Marvel’s Age of X are the first victims. Now, these particular reviews will be SPOILER HEAVY, so here are the time codes for this episode so you can jump ahead if you’re a spoiler-baby: The Age of X spoilers start at 5:58. Jump to 13:07 for the spoiler free Age of X Rating. The Brightest Day spoilers start RIGHT AFTER THAT, so skip ahead to 20:59 for the spolier free Brightest Day rating.

Next week, Joe is cautiously optimistic about Marvel’s latest Moon Knight relaunch and Matt is excited to see Fred Van Lente’s EXCELLENT Taskmaster mini-series come out in collected form.

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Our theme music is A Better Tomorrow by Dan the Automator. Other music found in this week’s episode was provided by the following sources: News Theme — Here is the News by ELO, Act a Fool by Ludacris, X-Men Arcade intro, Lightning Round Theme — Fury of the Storm by Dragonforce, Required Reading Theme — Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield.