HOPPY Easter, everybody (heh heh…see what I did there?)! Welcome to Episode 15 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast! This week, we learn more about Marvel’s upcoming Iron Age mini-event, wax philosophical about Ron Marz’s recent comments regarding the comics industry, and react to the official word on JGL’s Dark Knight Rises character. SPOILER: Who the EFF is John Blake?! In this week’s Ask A Nerd, Steve wants us out of our superhero comfort zone to rap about war comics.

This week, Matt reviews the awesome awesomeness of Super Dinosaur #1 from Image while Joe evaluates the wild west creepiness of The Sixth Gun #11 from Oni Press. Every comic currently in print is coming out next week, but we somehow manage to narrow our future picks down to Brightest Day #24 (Joe) and Action Comics #900 (Matt).

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