Welcome to Episode 242 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast! This week, we discuss the slew of rumors about DC’s Rebirth and the launch of Alan Moore’s Kickstarter for Cinema Purgatorio.

Plus, the one and only Alyse back with some Valentine’s Day advice in her Words of Wisdom segment.

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Two-Headed Nerd

This week’s reviews:

  • Joe — Kennel Block Blues #1 from BOOM! Studios by Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss, and Adam Metcalfe
  • Matt — Mirror #1 from Image Comics by Emma Rios and Hwei Lim

Ludicrous Speed Round:

Joe’s 5:

  • Amazing Forest #2 (IDW)
  • Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
  • Guardians of Infinity #3 (Marvel)
  • Dejah Thoris #1 (Dynamite)
  • Vampblade #1 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Matt’s 5:

  • Contest of Champions #5 (Marvel)
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Escape from Monster Island #1 (Zenescope)
  • Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #1 (Marvel)
  • Action Comics #49 (DC)
  • Voracious #1 (Action Lab/Danger Zone)

Picks for next week:

  • Joe — Shaft: Imitation of Life #1 from Dynamite Entertainment by David Walker and Dietrich Smith
  • Matt — Badger #1 from Devil’s Due/First Comics by Mike Baron and Jim Fern

Trade/Graphic Novel of the Week:

  • Nod Away GN from Fantagraphics by Joshua Cotter

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